Vintage Heirlooms adorned by hand with embroidery, quilting & appliqué methods, motivated by giving new life to forgotten textiles & vintage denim. Each garment is a one of a kind piece of wearable artwork, made with love and intention in every stitch. 

Florecita Collection

The Florecita is a delicate handmade, adjustable tie-front-top constructed out of antique & vintage fabric. A versatile staple for your wardrobe that can be worn for warm days, as a layer over long sleeves, tanks, swim attire, or dresses. These tops are free-fitting and can be cinched at the waist for a fitted look, or left loose-fitting and breezy.

Florecita Tops

Hand Embellished

Sara finds solace, joy and calm in embroidery. She hand stitches each of her embroidered garments using a needle, floss and a hoop. She intentionally combines the thread color and stitch texture onto clothing to create each design.

Each of her quilted items are also hand pieced and sewn together on her singer sewing machine to create unique one-off items. Each garment is unique because of the hand-touched element and thought-out designs crafted with selvage denim or antique textiles.