About the Artist

Sara Urquiaga is a Cuban/American textile and fiber artist based in Chicago, IL. (also spending summers in Cassopolis, MI with her large family.) She began to sew with her grandma, following Vogue patterns on a 1970s White sewing machine. She later learned to mend her personal collection of vintage to save her most treasured pieces. By rescuing, reusing and embracing the scars of wear and age in cherished clothing, her passion for sewing bloomed. By altering a perfectly worn-in pair of Wranglers that no longer fit, a defining design was established. After adding the quilted salvaged denim to each leg, Sara cracked the code of fitting her hips into the narrow vintage fit. Altering denim in a purposeful way, combined with her regard for individual style, is the backbone of Tulipán. Hand embroidery, quilting and appliqué are her main avenues of adorning clothing to create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces. Particularly inspired by the counterculture fashion of the 60s/70s, Midwestern lakes and her creative female relatives (mom, grandma, sister and cousins), Tulipán took shape. The name Tulipan came to her while recalling her dear, sweet sister not able to write her name in Spanish preschool. The teacher kindly drew a tulip (tulipán) for Luci to recognize her work. This sentiment of love and acceptance seemed perfect to embrace Sara’s designs. 

Sara champions individuality in her garments and strives to share unique, inspired pieces, while learning from her clients’ needs. She welcomes inspiration from those of all sizes, race, and the LGBTQ community and is grateful to work on special pieces sent to her with personal requests.